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becala: (eiffel tower)

anxiety muffin

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Created on 2009-05-01 13:59:44 (#169383), last updated 2016-05-11 (75 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:May 12
Location:Washington, United States of America

Most of my entries are friends-only, but chances are you wouldn't want to read them unless you know me-- I mostly natter about mundanities.

By day I am a 34-year-old technology professional. By night I am many things: nerd, metalhead, conservationist, homeowner, revolutionary.

Very recently a known food allergy to corn went from being difficult-but-manageable to completely insane- I am now reacting to the minutest traces of corn in the form of derivatives and cross-contaminants, as well as possibly reacting to other as-yet unidentified substances. Even better, more than 90% of the items I regularly stocked in my pantry, fridge, and freezer turned out to cause me an allergic reaction, including whole foods such as apples and bananas. Thus my life is currently almost entirely focused on figuring out how to eat safely and keeping up with work enough to not get fired. On the bright side, I am getting better and better at making at home most of the products that people expect to buy at the store: condiments, stocks, sauces, spreads. I even mill my own gluten-free flours.

On the rare occasion that I am not toiling away in the kitchen trying to craft a replacement for some pantry staple I can no longer find a safe version of, I read genre fiction to relax, and blow off steam at heavy metal shows. I used to travel a lot before my health crisis, and intend to reach a point soon where I can travel again. Lately the destination almost always involves a heavy metal show or festival, even if that is not the main goal of the trip.

Other activities include: Wearing pajamas whenever I can get away with it, using SCOBYs to convert good food into great food, sustainable tourism, studying the structure of obscure or dead languages, practicing one of the 7 languages I once knew how to speak, picking and eating wild mushrooms, cultivating mushrooms in my yard, and taking care of my creatures.

Explanation of some of my more obscure interests.

I have a twin who is unrelated to me by blood.

Interests (47):

80s horror films, agglutinative languages, alliteration, alternate universes, amateur carpentry, annotated books, artificial intelligence, being sexy like strider, black metal, breathing, comics, dancing with myself, death metal, diy, diy fashion, eating potatoes with chopsticks, etymology, faerie tales, fermented foods, free speech, geeky activities, getting enough sleep, gunnm, happy crisps, hayao miyazaki, hk films, honesty, i love the gay, irish whiskey, italian horror films, judas fucking priest, kitten poker, learning, logic, long-winded explanations, loving, metal in the morning, molecular biology, my dog, neurons, no makeup, not vomiting, recursion, rpg's, scobys, sex education, snakes-eating-snakes-eating-snakes

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