Jul. 26th, 2010

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It was a typical weekend, or at least a typical party weekend. The following photos are new, however they are representative of events that occur at every good party I've ever attended:

Figure 1. In which the Irish and the Vikings party together. Historically accurate, neh?

Figure 2. Duffy gets hurt/puts on a fashion show.

Figure 3. In which I am v. drunk and v. happy.

Figure 4. In which I look like a fucking badass while doing or wearing something completely incongruous.

a few more )

I'm very glad I was able to go to this, and I will be going again next year. What a fucking awesome bunch of people. Except for Vomit Guy, but there's always one of those. Other than that, good times. There's not really too much to say that the pictures don't tell: We arrived late on Friday, set up camp, and then spent the next 48 hours listening to live and recorded music, swimming and soaking up the sun, and generally just hanging out and being chill and friendly.

And yes, people got drunk, and people got stupid, and they did this while competing in the the Beer Olympics, which I was able to participate in with one shot of whiskey = one glass of beer. (Pretty much all beer and cider use corn sugar to feed the yeast, so I pretty much can't have any of it.) But they were drunk and stupid in the best way possible, without any of the out of control stupidness that can (and does happen) in a lot of situations like this. What a really great bunch of kids who have made a really wonderful community for themselves.

So the story of Vomit Guy.moar.... )

But each of those episodes accounted for about 30 total minutes of an otherwise AWESOME weekend.


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