Nov. 1st, 2010

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These pictures actually depict two days of events. Day 1 was the Ceremonial Castings record release show, as mentioned. This was fun, but I unfortunately was trying to party as if I hadn't just spent two weeks sicker than a dog, and ended up barfing after about 3 drinks. :( Suspect Michael from Alda--and many others that only see me at shows--thinks I am a dumbass or at least kinda shallow, but don't really care. Much.

Was smart and stayed sober for night #2. I am totally capable of rocking out sober, however I tend to notice it more when I say something really weird and people say, "Um, okay." and then find some excuse to walk away. So that happened a couple of times, but whatevs. Everyone else probably got drunk and forgot anyway.

Highlights (both positive and negative):
  • Every single band on the bill at the release party. Holy crap, all my favorites, all sounding freaking great.

  • Pillowfight during Evangelist's set. Except the pillows smelled like pee, because the floor of the Morgue mostly smells like pee.

  • Ubik playing dressed as Devo. They of course covered Whip It as part of their set.

  • Michelle of Ubik falling down spectacularly TWICE: Once during her set, I think actually while she was singing Whip It. She just stayed down and finished the song on her back while bicycle kicking the air/her boyfriend's thighs. Fall #2 was only witnessed by me and maybe 1 other person. She was standing on a long padded bench at the back of the venue while everyone was watching the band. Turns out the bench part was not actually nailed in any way to the box that held it up, so when she stepped forward onto the edge, the whole thing flipped over. I'm not entirely sure what happened with her body, but somehow the bench part came forward, and she ended with her ass *inside* the bench box, and her head and feet sticking out of either side. Fortunately there were no sharp nails or anything sticking out of it, so she was just massively bruised the next day.

  • It wasn't intentional, but my corpsepaint did end up strongly resembling King Diamond. It has been suggested that I open a restaurant in Olympia called King Diamond Chicken. The hot dog booth at Jake's should be renamed to Full Metal Hotdog.

  • Unfortunate and annoying drama that I will not post about publicly. Fortunately I was able to very quickly sidestep it with a minimum of involvement.

  • Some asshat knocked the side mirror off my car while it was parked in the U District on the second night. It was on the side that was near the sidewalk, so I'm guessing that someone just went down the line of cars with a baseball bat. Dick. Ballpark over the phone is that it's going to cost about $350 to fix, which is below the deductible on my insurance, so no love on that. :(

I probably have some more to say, but I'm still tired from all the rocking out.


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